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Place your products in independent films

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For directors and producers

  • Create your free profile in the pro space as provider
  • Upload your promo trailer or other media
  • Make a list of your needs in your marketplace: accessories, jewelry, perfumes or filming locations, food, drinks, vehicles, etc.
  • Lighten the production budget of your film with funding
  • Minimize costs associated with marketing activities (travel, festival attendance, forum, etc.)
  • Increase your visibility
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For brands

  • Browse and validate the profiles of directors and producers
  • Consult the list of their needs on their marketplace
  • Identify the most promising projects adapted to your image
  • Proceed to the placement of your product to maximize its visibility in a positive and rewarding context
  • To associate it with characters by integrating it naturally to the history so that it enters the daily newspaper of the spectator
  • Significantly and immediately increase your visibility, your prestige and boost your sales
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Help us with our project

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